2023-03-21: got the job.

2023-02-08: #receipts

2023-01-22: #wut

2023-01-22: </3

2023-01-22: </3

2023-01-22: </3

2023-01-17: Video


2022-12-20: : @tapbots@tapbots.social @tweetbot@tapbots.social Is this an API-weirdness artifact or just an extremely ahead-of-it’s-time art piece? 🙃

2022-12-20: Edward Waters University, a Florida HBCU, abruptly abolished its faculty union on religious liberty grounds, arguing that collective bargaining violated its “Christian tenets."

2022-12-18: A bird has shit on me.

2022-12-18: RT @MicroSFF: She peeked over the edge of the bed. “Are you still there?” she whispered. The monsters under the bed did not reply. “There is an elf on my shelf.” Silence. “It watches me, and reports to Santa.” A hoarse growl came under the bed: “Turn the light off.” She smiled. “Thank you.”

2022-12-14: : it’s disappointing seeing Twitter users delete their history. It’s just as good to opt-out of providing content for Elmo to monetize by marking your account private. Deletion means that others can no longer reference favorited/bookmarked materials.

2022-12-12: Hehe universeodon.com/@georgeta…

2022-12-08: kyivindependent.com/opinion/e…

2022-12-08: have disabled Siri on my iPhone and Watch due to changes iOS 16. Apple won’t notice me, but there will come a tipping point when Apple will be unable to recover.

2022-12-04: : Like every open-source project, mastodon is not built for actual people. Exhibit 2658: there’s no way to merge/hide cross-posted material.

2022-12-03: …seriously considering deleting the Music app from my iPhone. It consistently plays music that I have never heard before randomly when I have not opened or interacted with it at all in days. I know why, and have filed two radars about it. Apple “fixed” one and ignored the other.


2022-11-25: RT @AlexBlechman: Programming is chaotic magic. There are no rules. You ask a game dev “Can the player summon a giant demon that bursts from the ground in an explosion of lava?” and they’ll say “sure, that’s easy” and then you’ll ask “can the player wear a scarf?” and they’ll go “oof”

2022-11-25: I don’t want to host my own backend. And I definitely don’t want to host my own front end! Why does every service have to have an angle?! Why can’t someone make a simple status/microblog that does what it says, says what it does, and doesn’t try to be clever?



2022-11-21: RT @fakedansavage Unarmed queers in a gay bar in Colorado Springs were able to do what hundreds of armed men couldn’t do in Uvalde.


2022-11-21: “US spending of 5.6% of its defense budget to destroy nearly half of Russia’s conventional military capability seems like an absolutely incredible investment."

2022-11-21: RT @colinflanaganOH: Last night, Toledo City Council approved $800,000 to purchase the medical debt of Toledoans, creating roughly $160-240 million in debt relief. This is what it looks like when your government works for you. Toledo is leading the way!

2022-11-21: RT @merrittk: If I can be media analysis corny for a second, I think one reason why the Green Ranger stuck with so many kids was that his arc showed that people sometimes hurt each other for reasons beyond their control but that they could make it right if they worked at it.

2022-11-21: Another.

2022-11-20: Hey @manton @help My blog’s custom domain is throwing TLS errors and/or nginx errors…

2022-11-11: hey @manton search should accept an activity pub url, not just a user name

2022-11-08: Our whole stupid discourse—liberal and conservative—summed up in one Fox News clip.


2022-11-01: I desperately need a Tweetbot for ActivityPub. No, not for mastodon. I don’t use mastodon, and mastodon does not implement ActivityPub Client, only (mostly) ActivityPub Server. I’ll write my own ActivityPub-supporting microblog before I install a mastodon instance.

2022-05-10: www.rollingstone.com/politics/…

2022-05-09: Less of this, pls.

2022-05-09: More of this, pls.

2022-05-07: : Trevor Noah on taxes and billionaires



2022-05-06: : How was this held for a book deal?

2022-05-05: Scruffy looking nerf herder!

2022-05-05: In reply to micro.blog/account/p… Goodnight Moon

2022-05-05: In reply to micro.blog/account/p… Hello World

2022-05-05: Hello World

2022-05-05: : Meanwhile, Florida

2022-05-05: : We learned nothing

2022-05-05: : Deforestation

2022-05-04: : On western media covering Russian politics

2022-05-04: :

2022-05-04: …I thought this was a joke at first…

2022-05-03: Basic guidelines for safety at protests

2022-05-03: also true

2022-05-03: : The women of the Christian Brotherhood who destroyed Roe v Wade and helped build a theocracy

2022-05-03: George Carlin explaining that “pro-life” is just a euphemism for “anti-women”.

2022-05-03: It’s not about the fetus at all. this is the point.

2022-05-03: fascinating

2022-05-03: 😑

2022-05-02: John Deere DRM makes stolen tractors useless

2022-05-02: : neat discussion about the early open web and owning your identity


2022-05-02: burn them.

2022-05-01: when will this end.




2022-05-01: twitter.com/SunnyEato…

2022-05-01: www.sscnet.ucla.edu/comm/mala…

2022-04-30: www.washingtonpost.com/world/202…

2022-04-29: Twitter has a Federverse project… #TIL Bluesky

2022-04-29: twitter.com/FiloSotti… twitter.com/bchesky/s…

2022-04-29: Stop before you become miserable

2022-04-29: ! German energy firm Uniper ready to meet Russian pay demand

2022-04-29: wgntv.com/news/tren…

2022-04-29: www.ndtv.com/world-new… Previously.


2022-04-29: So this hoax has long been debunked. Republicans are now clearly spreading it with full knowledge that it's a hoax. https://t.co/mH7GYkXDU0 — Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) April 28, 2022

2022-04-29: twitter.com/Heartland…

2022-04-28: https://twitter.com/suryamattu/status/1519649502025682944

2022-04-28: Don’t Say Gay

2022-04-28: popular.info/p/major-c…

2022-04-28: Mastodon is dead in the water. | by John Henry | HackerNoon.com



2022-04-28: Moderna for Kids

2022-04-27: It was a joke the whole time.


2022-04-27: Too late; damage done.

2022-04-27: twitter.com/benedicte…




2022-04-27: Why the past ten years of American life have been uniquely stupid


2022-04-27: elon: the sink is small and weird. you should be able to fix your sink the eay you want! buys sink result:

2022-04-27: strib.mn/38vcXi7


2022-04-27: On Recycling!

2022-04-27: news.microsoft.com/features/…


2022-04-27: I have actually physically purchased (paid for and shipped and received and love) an actual product from a TikTok ad. Twice. I cannot at this moment recall a single instance of buying from an internet ad since I was born. twitter.com/BenBajari…


2022-04-26: …so Elon bought Twitter.